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Little Known Things About Me

In the absence of interesting events, I decided to post something so that everyone who stops by here can get to know who I really am a little bit better! I got the idea from Sue at The Homeschool Chick, but had to add my own flare (PICTURES!)


Hope you enjoy!


  1. I almost never, ever wear make-up, even though I sold Mary Kay for almost a year.


  2. I love the smell of honeysuckles… and I still drink the nectar out of them!
  3. I have been a blond, a brunette, and a red-head. I’ve also had blackhair, purple hair, orange hair (on purpose), and a cool dye job they called ‘fire’ which was white blond near the roots, cherry red in the middle, and coal black on bottom. (Naturally, my hair is medium-dark brown!)
  4. My husband and I only dated for 2 weeks before he proposed to me… and I said yes.
    Me and My Hunny
  5. I love bright colors but almost exclusively wear browns.
  6. I moved 17 times between the ages of 5 and 16.
  7. I usually get my recipes and decorating ideas from Martha Stewart… then change them to make them better!
  8. I have a friend that has 28 piercings, and another that has over 100 tattoos, but I have two holes in my ears and exactly 0 tats.
  9. I was in a coven (Wiccan), and had been for 3 years, before I was saved at age 15.
  10. I have to put my feet up when I’m typing, but sit Indian style when I’m playing a computer game. I dunno why!
  11. I hate the way my hands feel if I don’t wash them every hour or so… I can like feel the dirt and germs-EWWW!
  12. I have never been to the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, although I’ve been to the Gulf of Mexico several times.
  13. I take pictures of my kids every Easter, and make them pose for them!

    Easter of 2010

  14. I wear Pure Orchid by Halle perfume. It smells really pretty!
  15. My dog lines up for bedtime hugs every night with the kids… and I give her a bedtime hug every night too. 🙂
  16. At one point in time, we owned (not on purpose but because of strays) 12 cats, 3 dogs, 3 rabbits, and 5 chickens. All at the same time.
  17. I have a bad habit of using “Southern-ized” phrases like ‘why for?’, ‘ought to not’, ‘being-have’ (behaving… get it? lol), and ‘out yonder’ among the many others.
  18. I talk to my mom every single day… and she’s threatened my kids over the phone. (“Ya’ll better behave and quit driving your momma crazy! Don’t make me get in my car and come over there!!” LOL)

    Me and My Mommy!

  19. I can’t stand anything of any type anywhere near my eyes, except my glasses. No water, no eye drops, no contacts… nothing.
  20. I’ve always wanted to try using a Neti-pot, but I’ve always been too afraid.
  21. I am a lover of lists and make them for everything.
  22. My best friend is my husband’s baby sister.

    Me and B

  23. I played on an All-Star soccer team, in an all boy league as a goalie. And I am an awesome goalie. 🙂
  24. I am only 5 feet tall and my husband is 6 feet tall.
  25. I have more than 20 pairs of 3″+ heels and 7 pairs of knee boots.
  26. I let my kids get covered in dirt and mud if the situation calls for it. (That’s why we have bathtubs and washing machines! lol)


  27. Except for clothes soap and Windex (which are both blue), I only buy the purple cleaning liquids. I like the smells… 🙂
  28. I swore I would never get a Kindle up to 2 days before I bought one… now I read mine at least an hour a day!
  29. I am a big fan of book series. (But you probably already knew that)
  30. I jumped up and down (literally) and had to call my dad all the way in south Georgia when I found out that Jean Auel was releasing the sixth book in the Earth’s Children series this year. (Then I preordered it on my Kindle! lol)
  31. I have to read an author’s autobiography (or Wiki) once I’ve read and enjoyed their books.
  32. I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until I was 14 years old… and had to have them pulled when they finally did come out.
  33. I love driving to Nashville on an errand and running into a celebrity almost every time I’m there (Even though my friend’s in Nashville never seem to see anyone famous).
  34. I had an on-going argument with cheerleaders in school and both my daughters are cheerleaders now.

    My little Jr. Titan at LP Field after the Game!

  35. Monopoly is my favorite game. And my husband’s the only one who can beat me… and he’ll admit the only reason he can beat me is because I made the mistake of teaching him how I play!
  36. Rude drivers are one of my biggest pet peeve.
  37. French Tips are my guilty pleasure.
  38. I like corny jokes.
  39. I’m obsessive about dust. I feather dust usually twice a day because it makes me sneeze!
  40. I volunteer for At the Well as the Social Media Director, and was lucky enough to get to volunteer to transcribe a bunch of information from the Charlotte Mason Museum.
  41. Without Firefox’s “remember password’ feature, I would never remember my login information for anything. It just doesn’t stick in my head for some reason.
  42. My nieces and nephews all want to come live with me and my husband, even though we’re stricter then their parents and spend as much time at my house as they can. 🙂 (That’s only a good thing because my kids don’t want to live withtheir aunts and uncles even though they love them! LOL)

    Me and My Nephew Jeremiah

  43. I’ve been an aunt since I was 3 years old.
  44. I tell great camp-fire ghost stories.
  45. I don’t allow my kids to watch scary movies, but their Grandpa does… and I let him get away with it while they’re at his house (only because the kids come home without nightmares and the one time I complained about it to them, all the kids  said “That’s our special Grandpa thing! We always try to scare each other so we can laugh!”).
  46. My kids don’t believe in Santa, but insist the Tooth Fairy ‘really is real!’ … and that’s okay with me:)
  47. I keep a very strict, Kosher diet and I love it.
  48. I observe Passover, but not Lent.
  49. I’ve watched ‘Avatar’ probably 30 times.
  50. I’ve never met another person with my birthday.


See, I told you I was weird! 🙂


Until next time!



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