Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello out there in Blogland!!


This is a first for me as I am undoubtly doing something not many have done before me: posting this from my Kindle.Forgive me if it is a little misspelled…the keys are incredibly small.


I have spent the day in bed,nursing a migriane. And as usual, the medication decided to kick in as everyone else was getting ready for bed so I decided to take a minute to update this blog before I head back to dreamland.


I read earlier,thanks to the kindle for not hurting my eyes, that if you fast for twelve to sixteen hours before your appointed rising time when your schedule is off (as mine has been these past few days) when you break your fast,your body will recognize thats when you ought to be up in the morning and will readjust its self accordingly- with fairly little jetlag. So that’s what I am attempting to do this night. My alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning and I’ve not had a bite since twelve today.


Although the rest of my goals go slowly,Ive managed to get quite a bit of reading done today and kept the chikden on schedule with their school work as well.


Until next time, my dear readers,



About beyondmartha

Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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