So I missed a day….

…blogging, but maybe you’ll forgive me.  🙂

Yesterday morning, my dad showed up and went to help my mom (my mom and dad are divorced and remarried to new people. She lives .7 miles down the road from me, and he lives 424 miles down the road :)) put in the new cabinets he’d brought her. Let me tell you: cabinets are HEAVY and the moving of them off of a trailer, across a porch, through a living room and into their place in the kitchen is HARD work!

We then went to their old place (my mom and step-dad’s) and picked up the rest of their sheetrock and some other things they needed a truck to carry back home, took it to their home and unloaded it, then I, and my family, came home because we were exhausted!

The kids and Josh spent most of the evening laying around, relaxing. I managed, somehow to get a creative streak and went searching for how to make baskets. Yeah, I know. But with our garden we’re planning this year, I would like to make gathering baskets which is a skill I just don’t possess right now. I stumbled across the awesome blog of a lady named Jessica, How About Orange, that not only has these tutorials on weaving, but about a million other things that I would like to make! Not only that, but she designs the cutest fabrics too!

So I tried my hand at making a recycled magazine coaster (Sorry Organic Gardening, but I think you’ll agree with the premise of recycling the paper anyway! LOL), which turned out pretty well for a first attempt. Then I got ambitious and tried to make a recycled magazine basket… but my end result didn’t turn out anything like hers! I think I need a bit more practice! LOL

Even though it’s already 2:00pm, We’ve still got to finish up the kid’s schoolwork for the day (I’m blogging while Josh makes the kids lunch- they got up late too). Then I have to go clean up the yard from the other day’s windy storm that blew junk all over every where… thank God we live in a hollow so our trampoline survived the onslaught, my bestie’s trampoline wasn’t so lucky!), then I want to turn the mulch in my front bed, and see if I have any lilies popping up yet. 🙂 If I do, I’m going to turn the mulch over there too. Besides I have to clean up the living room and kitchen, and see if I can find the motivation to work for a few minutes in the little twin’s room.

(I make my own mulch through a process that I’ve recently discovered was called ‘Lasagna Gardening’– Go figure. I’ve been doing it forever, my mom before me, and her mom before her and probably WAY on back down the line, even though it’s supposed to be a ‘new way’ of preparing a garden bed! My Ga-ga used to say it was the smart, lazy woman’s way. LOL Maybe I’ll do a post on my own brand of it one of these days! :))

Until Next Time,


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