Ten Things Tuesday

#1- We are “patiently” waiting for Josh’s break. He is working on his training for the new job and insists that we are too nisy for him to concentrate… he’s probably right!So we evacuated to my bedroom to watch a movie for a little while until he has a break and then we are probably going to go to my mom’s house for a while. He’sgoing to have to set up a home office soon so we aren’tkicked out of the living area.


#2- I got my Etsy store up,at least most of the way. Right now I just have a few of my favorite wallets up…you can see them if you search for ColorBumpkin on there. 🙂


#3-I am hungry. lol


#4- I think over the next few days I am going to make Josh some personalized office supplies so he can be all snazzy while he’ working…and I might make me a set and a set for Etsy as well 🙂


#5- We spent some time watching family pictures last night… i cant believe how big my babies have gotten. The change is so gradual it threatens to steal the wonder of their developing personalities.


#6-I may be strange but I dont think I will ever think talking,live action, dogs will ever be funny. Sorry.


#7- Why is it that little girls want you to fix their hair but not brush it… I dont get it!

#8- I will be glad when I finally get rid of this col.


#9-Do all kids love Will Smith movies or is it just mine? lol


#10- I guess thats it for right now 😉


About beyondmartha

Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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