Aprons, Emergencies, and a Mean-Mommy Stare

Good afternoon!

I am supposed to be writing out a grocery list for tonight when Josh gets home but…. the kids are all asleep and it seems like such a waste to not get in a blog post while I have the opportunity!


Today has been interesting to say the least. I made two half-aprons for my girls (I wish I had my camera here and I would post pictures) who have become quite the little chefs. (And with them only 7 and 5, that bodes pretty well for me being able to skip cooking supper a couple times a week while still eating real food somewhere in the near future:) ) And of course, every little chef (and every big one, too!) needs an apron wardrobe! I used the tutorial that Skip to my Lou posted and they turned out just darling! (Even though I had to gather all those ruffles… and I am NOT fond of gathering ruffles!)

Thankfully though, they are both completed, even though I bent my needle on the very last few stitches of the last seam… how’s that for good timing? LOL.

I also had to make an emergency visit to the hospital, and prevail on my darling mother and step-dad to watch 5 half dressed, cranky, hungry little monkeys and let me borrow their car to do so.  Here’s what happened:

Gabriel (3) and Forrest (5) were arguing over/playing with a scarf (which it really was depends on who you ask) and I was standing right inside the kitchen ironing the last of the material for the aprons at the ironing board. They were running and pulling each other with the scarf and having a good ol’ time of it when they started yelling really loud at one another and I turned around and said “Boys, ya’ll need to cut it out and quit running in the house before someone gets their head busted open.”

NO SOONER than I have this out of my mouth than I hear Gabe scream, not yell, and all the other kids rush into the living room while I try to fight through them to find out what happened. I (finally) am able to pull all five other kids out from around him and see that … do I even have to say it?…. he’s busted his head open– clear from the top of his upper lip to the tip of his nose!!

Well, Josh has my van headed towards town and I send Harmony (7) for the phone, which, of course, is dead. I bring Gabe to the kitchen and sit him down on my desk to get some paper to stop the bleeding and see the cell phone sitting beside the computer. So I did what any self-respecting mom, with the capability to do so, when there’s an emergency and she can’t get in touch with dad and has no vehicle to solve the emergency- I called Nana!

But what should happen when I call my mom, but her phone’s been knocked off the hook and I can’t get in touch with her! I sent the kids to put on shoes and jackets, fully prepared to walk the 1/2 mile in 40 degree weather to get to her house because my baby boy is gushing blood from a gash in his face and  my van is 30  miles away, when I remember:

Josh’s old work van!

I shuffle the kids towards it and loaded them up.  I climbed in to start the van and remembered he said the battery had died. HA! What is a dead battery to a mother’s worry? Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING! I gave that van my very best ‘don’t argue with mommy’ stare, and a very stern talking to and on the second try, it flared into life!

With a very loud cheer, and a very thankful prayer, we drove down the road to my mom’s, where the children all jumped out of the van before I could even get my seat belt off and rushed in to tell Nana that Gabriel had busted his head open. I toted him in, and let the experts have a look.

After a bit of teasing (the boogers!), my mom and step-dad both admitted that he probably DID need to go to the hospital for stitches instead of just wrapping duct tape around it, and handed me the keys to their car while they shooed us out the door.

The rest you can probably guess: I took him to the emergency room and the nurses and doctors agreed with me that he ought not to run in the house and fight over scarves and that he needed to be glued back together! (The hospital I take him to uses Epiglue instead of stitches for children when possible because it doesn’t have to be taken out.) He was such a big, brave boy that the nurse told him he was going to grow into a big, strong man, gave him a sucker AND a car, thereby engaging Gabe’s undying love for her.

He’s, and the other children as well, are all safely tucked into bed for a much needed nap- the boys looking forward to going grocery shopping with their dad this evening, and the girls dreaming about new aprons to wear while helping mommy cook supper. Mommy’s going to have to go finish her grocery list while she waits for Daddy and then might, just might, try to catch a little nap herself before the evening gets properly started. 🙂

Bon soir,


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