Goal Planning Monday Week 4 (for me!)


Ah. I’m bad at meme’s regardless of how much I ❤ them! But since I do ❤ them SO much, I can’t forget Miss Katrina’s Goal Planning Monday! I don’t have any updates from last week, but I DO have some goals for this one!!


Goal #1- Get lesson plans finished for this school year!

Ach! I can’t believe that two more of my babies are almost finished with Kindergarten! Alas, it’s true! My Forrest and Regan (both 5) will be finishing Kindergarten this year, and my Harmony is almost done with *sniffle* 1st grade! I need to get a plan out for the rest of the year and since Graduation is May 26th, and I’d like them to be finished with their Kindergarten stuff by then, I need a plan!

Goal #2- Incorporate a scheduling time each day.

To update what we’ve accomplished and we we missed and what we need to finish that day and what we need to wait until tomorrow or next week to work on. I’m not good with daily time blocks for one certain thing, life around here tending towards the chaotic, so I need to work on it, both for myself and for the children!

Goal #3-  Work on our weekly schedule.

With summertime fast approaching and the availability of OUTDOOR TIME, I want to be able to still accomplish what needs to be done INSIDE so we can go OUT guilt free! So… more planning 🙂

Goal #4- Clean out pantry and take inventory.

I’ve not done this is a while and I have a sneaky suspicion that there’s a box load of oatmeal missing, and I have a sneaky suspicion that I will find it stashed, eaten or not, amongst the canned goods. Yeah. I’m going in hunt of it and who knows what other ‘surprises’ I may find while I’m in there!

Goal #5- Ace my interview tomorrow!

Like I have time for a full-time job. But situations being what they are, and the offer coming up for me to work online at home again, I would be very irresponsible, I feel anyway, to pass up on such a good opportunity. I can sacrifice a few hours of sleep for the betterment of my family. 🙂 I can’t really do anything but be prepared (which I am) so… Wish me luck!

Goal #6- Make my Passover readiness checklist!

Yes! It’s that time of year! How EXCITING! I ❤ Passover, even though I know that many people don’t understand our being an observing Christian family (no, we’re not Jewish) and they don’t understand why I enjoy it so much if they ‘get it’. But there are very few times of the year that afford such opportunity, permission… no, commandment! …. to simplify our lives and focus solely on what’s really important. It’s very nice!

I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated this week! Good luck on your goals!!


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Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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  1. Good goals! I hear you about the working thing. I work from home and it is tough to juggle with 3 kids homeschooling.

  2. Great goals!

    I find that with our family it’s easier to have a list of things to do per day rather than try to schedule them into time slots. There’s more flexibility and less feelings of ‘guilt’ over not being able to stick to a set schedule.

    I’m praying for your interview and your Passover celebration. We are also a Christian family and I would love to incorporate the Biblical feasts and celebrations into our lives!!

    I’m dropping by via Katrina’s meme and am now a subscriber to your blog 🙂

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