Blah and a Birthday

The creative gene fails me today, but I wanted to write anyway.

Actually, all my genes are failing me today. And yesterday too. UGH. I had a terrible migraine yesterday, one that decided with all of the pain in my head that I ought to be sore all over, dizzy, nauseous, and exhausted. Today, the headache is gone but the aches remain.

So, in light of having absolutely nothing else to do besides sit here and complain, I decided to tell you about and show you about a million pictures from  my little nephew Alex’s birthday party last Saturday! 🙂 There’s not much complaining you can do at about a 5 year old’s party, especially when the 5 year old is as adorable as Alex!

Enjoy! I hope I’ll be back to more…. relative…. normalness tomorrow and can chit chat about more interesting things! 🙂


The Birthday Boy!


What's a trip to the park without climbing a tree?

Boys... are so weird!

But aren't they sweet?!?


The Birthday Cake has a Boo-boo

Ain't he cute?

My favorite picture of the day!


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