My Homeschooling Mother’s Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… I have been battling fatigue and what I hope are seasonally-caused migraines to be able to get what I need to get done, done. BUT, no worries, because I’m not trying to complain… just to share truthfully. 🙂

In our homeschool this week…we’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time NOT in books. Shocking! But we have spent all the normally book-saturated time out of doors studying nature up close and personally. I’ve also begun to give the children S.E.E lessons (Signing Exact English), which they’ve taken to like they already know it all.

My favorite thing this week was… Definitely Wednesday night. One of my husband’s friends were over and my five year old had a slightly personal problem she needed to talk to her dad about, and proceeded to do so… in sign language so our guest couldn’t hear her personal issues. That’s definitely one of those “YES!” moments!!

What’s working/not working for us…Our schedule is horrible. I mean, down right terrible. The problem is that I just don’t know that I have the mental ability to stick with a change to it… although, apparently, I must because I absolutely despise not getting around to cooking supper until like 7pm. Eventually, though… It will work out and it’s just something I need to work on over the next few weeks.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have… I wish I could be a fly on the wall sometimes. When some friends of ours began considering homeschooling, they asked to spend a week at our house. A week to get the rhythm of what we do and how our days go, and they said it was beyond helpful for them. If only I could be a fly on the wall of some older, wiser, more experienced homeschooling mom… I think it would help SO much!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share… I want to share a link that I searched for FOREVER, to an online S.E.E dictionary that is a fantastic refresher (if you’re like me and previously fluent) or starter (if you’re like my husband and kids and need basic signs) course. Signing Savvy is a fantastic site for a very popular sign language that’s very under-rated and user (and ASL) friendly.


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  1. I have been wanting to start nature study for several years now but I never get around to it. It is my goal to get started ASAP on this.

    Your “yes moment”…that’s definitely great!

    I understand the horrible schedule thing. I really need to work on something better for us. We have had many late night dinners. Hubby has been so gracious about it but I feel bad. Something has got to change! Good luck in that area. Have a great weekend!

  2. For me I’ve liked establishing our own rhythm without seeing how someone else does it. What if they do more and I have to try and live up to that? ACK! Maybe a few crockpot meals will help get fewer late dinners without needing brain power to work out a new schedule right now?

  3. Dropped in to visit your journal – I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to have someone be a fly on my wall for a typical homeschool week! What a neat idea though, that would certainly give a realistic picture!

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