Mama’s Creative Space

I thought I’d give you a guided tour into my new favorite room in the house since I have a few minutes to myself.

It’s not much more than a nook (it’s dimensions are only 8 feet by 6 feet) but to have so much space dedicated to MY OWN PERSONAL use, and the hobbies that help keep me sane, it’s amazing!

Forgive the bad quality photos, please! The sun is over the hill and although it’s bright outside, the light for pictures is terrible and I’m not a good enough photo editor to fix them!

So… Step inside!

I probably should have made sure that all the clothes hangers were out of the floor and the Dr. Pepper bottle was thrown away, right? Oops! 🙂 That tupperware box on the left is full of my scrapbooking materials and my sewing notions, and the drawers on the right (right behind the broom- lol! I didn’t realize it was in the picture!) are chock full of soft, furry yarn. The white box in the desk is full of all my purchased sewing patterns and crochet/knitting books. The purple tote has all our off-season and special occasion shoes in it. (You know the demands of a larger-than-normal family would sneak in somewhere- LOL)

When I sit down at my sewing table (an old student desk I found on Freecycle!), directly to my left on the shelves are my current ‘important’ projects… in this case about 10 yards of lilac and ivory satin for the flower girl’s dress and wedding gown I’m working on, the bridesmaid’s bouquets (that I finished this morning!) that are hanging for the adhesive to set, and tulle, tulle, and more tulle, while the purple bag is material for making the Unity Candles, and the white basket holds other wedding crafts-in-process-miscellany!

Oh and the rainbow bag is my looms and current looming project- a scarf that’s about half way finished!

There’s more to those shelves, but they are storing other assorted craft tools and ‘not so loved’ materials so they don’t get a picture. 🙂

Then we have my ironing board and iron (and my leg and a stray skein of yarn lol) which perches on a 5-gallon bucket of pickles and pickled eggs that are fermenting away in there. 🙂 I iron everything so it had to be close by!

Then, to my right, sits inspiration- my fabric stash! Fat Quarters and anything under 1 yard are on the bottom while the larger bolts are stored on top.

Plus, overtop/ in front of the stash is a very convenient clothes bar- where I had all the works in progress and recently completed pieces.

… speaking of which (again, excuse the bad pics, I’ll get some better ones with cute little models soon!)

The almost-except-zipper-installation completed Flower Girl dress made from lilac satin and in bad need of an ironing!

The mini-scrubs for Regan’s best friend who’s dressing up as a doctor in their graduation.  (My own pattern!! I’m so pleased with it!)

and Harmony’s gown for the graduation. She doesn’t have to have it,  but she ‘needed it’ so there it hangs! The picture in no way does this dress justice- it’s a deep blood red and my favorite recently sewed garment! She’s wanted a blood red gown for at least two years, so I thought it was about time!

So that’s it! Whatcha think?

Until next time!


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Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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  1. what a nice, cozy space! Beautiful sewing projects!

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