My Homeschool Mother’s Journal #4

The Homeschool Mother's Journal .

In my life this week…

Ah… this week has been a blur… literally. We’ve been schooling, spending tons of time out of doors, PLUS I’ve been sewing my fingers and my poor ancient sewing machine to the bone making costumes and outfits to wear to my Big Twin’s Kindergarten Graduation next week. I also got one of the Flower Girl dresses for my Step-brother’s wedding finished, and making us all some new, summer head-coverings!

We’re also expecting some new additions to the family… how many, we don’t know yet, but our sweet doggie Marla is expecting her first litter! We bred her with a Cocker Spaniel, and are expecting some adorable puppies! She so big and fat, she could pop any day now!!

Although I enjoy their company and I am so glad that we have some place to offer them, I am beginning to wish for the (relative) peace and quiet of our home before our 8 became 13. It’s sad, isn’t it? I’ve wondered if I am being a bad friend, a bad human, and a bad Christian. I don’t want to injure our two families friendship, but I’m afraid that something, somewhere has to give.

Now that my little rant is over with, per my Darling’s request, I am the proud new owner of a full fledged, nicely equipped Craft Room! Hehe, he was tired of all our arts, crafts, sewing, and other misc. ‘creative’ stuff clogging up the kitchen and living room since I insist on keeping all of our homeschooling stuff in there, so we’ve outfitted the smallest room in the house as Momma’s Sewing Room.

I need to make me a sign -“Mama’s Creative Space: No Dull Minds Allowed!”

In our homeschool this week…

Dum dum de dum dum de dum! Summer Term is in FULL SWING in our little neck of the woods! (Notice the Vader music? That’s my inner geek peeking out!)

Summer Term is my nice, sweet way of torturing my children with everything I think they need improvement on before officially starting the next school year. I think in public school terms, it’s called The Dreaded Summer School, but no matter how well my kids did this past year… they don’t get to get out of it!

The good part of it is that it’s bare minimum (we don’t need the days or the hours to meet state or curriculum standards) so they are brushing up and finishing math review, writing like tons, reading books they didn’t know they were capable of reading, and doing intense character studies. So, they get their assignments done in 30 minutes, they’re free for the day… they take 5 hours to do their assignments, then they’ve wasted 5 hours of sunshine for the hunting of bugs and blackberries (their favorite two summer activities!)

My favorite thing this week was…

Once again absolutely nothing homeschool related. Last weekend was our celebration for my little twin’s 4th birthday, and my honey decided that since they say they are big men now (and they do!) they could go out and experience nature like big men… no worry-wart Mom allowed! So my big, brave sons (all four of them!) and my sweet, preppy daughters (both of them!) went on a camping expedition with their dad. I bought the food, kissed them all soundly and retreated to the comfort of my couch and the Stars channel to watch The Proposal (for the second time) and Reign of Fire (for about the 500th time), then to my nice cozy bed to read Clan of the Cave Bear (for the million and third time) while they had their adventure.

They came home at 4 am Sunday morning because the weather finally soaked through the tent, telling me about all the ghost stories they told, the marshmallows they roasted, the bugs they discovered, the rocks they unearthed, and the firewood they collected… and in the process reminding how absolutely fabulous my husband is and how glad I am that they have a Daddy like him who loves adventures with his kids.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

I think that even though they tell me it’s torture because the sun is so nice and warm and the ground is so nice and not-muddy, the kids really thrive on continuing to school during the summer. It doesn’t disrupt their routine and it gives us all something to accomplish so that even if we spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing, when Daddy asks ‘What did you do today?’ the kids have a good answer to tell him. Besides, with the lighter work load, we have time for costume designing for our umbrella school’s Kindergarten Graduation next week!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Since my mind is so occupied by our forth-coming Kindergarten Graduation, I thought I’d share a couple pictures from Harmony’s last year.

The children get to dress up as “What they want to be when they grow up” and the entire ceremony is centered around Jeremiah 29:11. Well, trust my daughter to adamantly insist that SHE was going to be nothing other than a PRINCESS when she grew up! And when her Nana overheard other moms talking about how you can’t really grow up to be a princess, Nana hushed them real quick by naming all of the ordinary, average, run of the mill girls in the last CENTURY who had grown up to be princesses. (and I think the list of names would surprise you- there’s so many!) 🙂

My Sweet Princess at her Kindergarten Graduation 2010!

My Princess in her cap and gown with her Kindergarten Diploma!


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  1. thanks for visiting my blog
    do know what that movie was called?
    thanks for the belated wishes too 🙂 🙂 🙂

    what a busy week youve had!
    wish i lived closer Id love one of those puppies

    my sister home schools year round

    what a beautiful princess you have

  2. Wow do we have alot in common! I have twins too (plus three others), I just converted our smallest room of our hosue into a craft/sewing room (I have been crafting years but just started sewing this year–all tips welcome) and our dog just had her first litter a fw months ago and the kids loved it and so did we. We now just have one pup left to find a home for (Cavalier king charles spaniels). We will be schooling thorugh summer and I am always so amazed how fast the days/years/months go. Hang in there with your extra company. Remember that hospitality is a service, blessed in grace, and God will see you through it! Stopping by from the homeschool mother’s journal, Blessings to you, Katie

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