My Homeschool Mother’s Journal #5

The Homeschool Mother's Journal In my life this week…

We had a very busy week! We took it off from ‘schooling’, and instead focused on getting some stuff done around here. My husband put up two new ceiling fans, fixed the phone and internet lines (we haven’t had a phone in almost 2 weeks because he had not had a chance and the phone company kept ‘forgetting’ to show up- one of the hazards of using a small town phone service… ).

My hunny also brought home several new doors (one for our bedroom, the little twins bedroom, the bathroom, and the girls’ room) and got me a surprise I’ve been admiring for the longest time- two new Delta faucets!  (Oh be still my beating heart- my husband knows what I like!)

We didn’t get any puppies, but our cat, Meow-Meow, had a kitten! Just one! Smile So far, she’s a good mama, though and Marla keeps wanting to go in and mess with the baby… we can’t figure out whether she’s trying to mother the kitten or eat the kitten, so we put up a baby gate to keep Marla in the living room and kitchen until the kitten gets a little bigger. (Better safe then sorry, right?)

We also have two new 1st graders in the house! WOOT! The big twins’ Kindergarten Graduation was on Thursday!

In our homeschool this week…

Just because we didn’t ‘school’ this week doesn’t mean the learning stopped! Each of the children, boys and girls, took a turn helping Daddy wire the fans and rewire the entire living room (with the breakers cut off, of course!) The girls have been busy bees in the kitchen with me also. They learned how to make rice, noodles, beans, and sweet tea- and got to practice on their own making parts of meals each day. (I teach the boys in the kitchen too, but with Daddy doing so much work around the house, they couldn’t have cared less about what we were doing in the kitchen this week!)

We watched Meow-Meow give birth and begin to nurse her kitten. (A great thing about living in the country… the life cycle of animals from birth to death is open for observation, no awkward ‘where do the babies come from’ questions!) We found a young possum hiding in my flower beds and spent the evening watching it hunt for food, and play possum whenever one of the children made too much noise or movement. We watched a family of a mama and three baby raccoons digging through the compost pile, and went back for three nights in a row to watch them- the children were fascinated with how human-like their hands are and loved seeing that the mama ‘punished’ the babies for misbehavior while she was scavenging.

They ‘discovered’ four new bugs, and learned to tell the difference between a cicada noise and a cricket noise. They hunted up and added five new types of moths to their nature books, and Regan in particular has become fascinated with Stink Bugs… she is even sitting with one she caught right now letting it crawl over her hands, but she’s managed to keep them from letting out that noxious odor. Smile 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

My nephew drove up from Georgia to see us this week, but other than that, we’ve just been hanging around the house… except of course for graduation!

My favorite thing this week was…

During the graduation whenever they sang, Regan (who dressed as a ballerina) danced to every single song that they sang. Not just swayed with the music, but booty-shaking, bouncing, jumping around, loving the music type dancing. It tickled me! Then Forrest rushed to the microphone to recite his poem with his group and forgot every word of it! You could see it on his face as soon as he got to the mic… the look of “Oh No! What were my lines again?!?” But he remembered the rhythm and rhymes to it, and hummed his poem instead of speaking! PRICELESS!!

What’s working/not working for us…

Right now, we’re just enjoying the ‘summer’, and glad that the storms seem to be over for a little while!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

I know it’s possible, but I’m a little worried about splitting the kids up into different AO years. Harmony will be in Y2 this year, while Forrest and Regan are in Y1, and I’m just curious about that that actually plays out in real life.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Since I left my camera in my Mom’s car, here’s a picture of my hunny with the boys at one of their favorite places a couple of weeks ago- CycleMo’s Motorcycle Museum! We like it too, but when we go, let me rephrase that, when we go I usually get stuck holding the bags while they dart about in Wonderland. hehe

Vols and Motorcycle museum 094


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  1. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I have just been introduced to Ambleside and am looking forward to finding some good resources for living books!

  2. Hi Desi! Thanks for visiting my site. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking around yours. Especially your about page! YOur question about splitting your children up into different years – IMO school them together as long as you can – far easier! I have added you to my blogroll so I can visit again! God Bless xo

  3. Sounds like such a busy and exciting week. Thanks for your comment earlier. it is nice to meet you.

  4. Wow! Sounds like your DH is QUITE handy around the house! Nice! And one little kitten – sweet! Happy K graduation! Juggling kids at different levels can be tricky, but can be done. My kids are just far enough part in grade levels that I can’t combine them for many subjects (although my younger two will be doing Apologia Astronomy together). I encourage self-learning and independence…and patience while I help a sibling. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We’re incubating more chick eggs – Day 3! LOL

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! You mentioned that you are still looking for ways to make workboxes work. I just want to let you know that I am in the process of writing a post that will show how we have recently changes our workboxes. I hope you will stop by again and see how we have switched things up!
    Sounds like you had a great week “not schooling”! I love life learning!

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