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How My Soul Yearns: A Book Review


This afternoon I received an email from a dear ‘virtual’ sister, Ashley. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley for a couple of years through At the Well: In Pursuit of Titus 2, where she is the executive director and I am lucky enough to be in charge of the social media department. In this email, Ashley sent me a copy of her new e-book, How My Soul Yearns: How God Brought Me Through Infertility and Beyond and offered for me to read it.

My immediate response was “Of course! I’d be honored!” and I promptly downloaded it to my Kindle so I could read it first chance I got.

I had no idea what I was in for.

Let me clarify a few things about myself first: I have never really struggled with infertility. I had a miscarriage shortly after my husband and I were married, but within three months, we were pregnant again with Miss Harmony. We then had a set of twins 18 months later, and before they were a year old, we were pregnant again… this time with triplets. Although we lost one of them early on in the pregnancy, our remaining twin boys were born at 35 weeks via c-section due to twin to twin transfusion, healthy and safe and we brought them home on Mother’s Day, a mere 3 days after they were born, without a single moment of their lives spent in the NICU or with any complications. Then, the following year, one month and one day after our Littles’ 1st birthday, we delivered our sixth little blessing, who has a conditional called a multi-cystic dysplastic kidney, but just celebrated his 3rd birthday and is healthy as can be.

So, you see, I am rather fecund. Furthermore, I am what they know as a Grand Multipara.

I didn’t know what I would get out of this book, but I was willing to find out.

I had a few minutes to begin reading it while my husband took our children outside to do yard work, so I eagerly took up the book.

Within two chapters, I was in tears. Ashley’s story is heart-wrenching. She tells of how, as a young woman, she went through excruciating physical pain only to find that her hopes of having a child almost crushed in the aftermath. Then the tale of a young bride enduring the pronouncement that it was medically impossible for her and her husband to ever conceive a child of their own.

But then Ashley begins another tale… a tale of healing.

A tale of faith.

A tale of redemption.

And the story wasn’t just about infertility anymore.  The story was about real life, my life, the loss… the pain… the struggle, even with children, as I read this story of a woman’s journey through infertility.

And it’s about how to truthfully say Christ is enough, come what may.

Ashley writes:

Sometimes we have to experience great loss and struggle and come to our end, so that we can learn the fact that we are all nothing without God.

[Take a moment with that and really let it sink it.]

I couldn’t put this down until I’d read it all the way through. I expected to get a story from a woman who has experienced infertility and found a path to contentment, but it was so much more.

Within the pages, there is challenge.

There is encouragement.

There is hope.


If you’re interested, you can find Ashley at Putting God First Place and At the Well: In Pursuit of Titus 2, among other places. 🙂

Just for the record, I didn’t receive any compensation for this review, except the ability to read the book. And, although I would probably have just sent Ashley a polite email if I didn’t enjoy it, instead of posting an unfavorable review, I am being completely honest about my impressions and response to the book, i.e I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you would too. 🙂

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