I have thoughts… well maybe not!

“I could write a blog…I have thoughts!” (echoed from Julie and Julia)

Except… I really don’t. Well, I do have thoughts, of course, and I have several blog-posts-in-progress saved to my Live Writer, but nothing that I feel is ‘complete’ enough to share with anyone yet.

I’ll tell you one thing I do have…. Puppies!  The so-ugly-she’s-adorable dog on the left is the very proud mama and my sweet ‘puppy’, Marla. (You can’t call her a dog… that’s a bad word to her- she knows she’s in trouble when I say “Dog” and “Marla” in the same sentence!) The little stinker on the right is just one of her seven puppies. That particular one got a picture because he’s a little butthead and keeps wiggling out of the doggy crate then bawling because his eyes aren’t open yet and so he can’t find his way back into the crate to be with his momma AND because he has the distinction of being the newest, official, member of the family since my husband claimed him as his own! They are six days old, born on June 1st- four females and three males.

marla and baby collage

I’ll tell something else I have: New, Routine Building, Challenges for the 31 Days to Clean ebook! Yippee! I also have 3 copies of the ebook that I have been inviting to share with anyone who just has to have them and hasn’t been able to get their little digital hands on them. Winking smile  I would offer them as a give-away, but there are so many fabulous give-aways going on right now, I know that my little blog wouldn’t stand a chance getting any attention in the midst of the “big girls”—so, it’s just a first come, first serve!! Smile

I also have six of the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful kids you could possibly imagine… hehe…You knew you weren’t getting away without having to see their adorable mugs, didn’t you? Winking smile Today you get a treat though, because I’m sharing some of my digital scrapbook pages!!

Girls at Granny's

Boys at Granny's



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Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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