These are the Days of our Lives…. :-)

I’ve been neglecting my blog here lately, and somehow people are still visiting me: Thank you! I got all fuzzy when I saw that this morning! 🙂

My days lately have been chock full of what feels like a whole lot of work and no pay off. It’s a real bummer, but I keep chugging on because, I know,  eventually I will see all these ‘babies’ grow up and get some satisfaction out of the hard work I’ve put into them.

Not my actual babies, of course… but here’s a few of the things I’ve been working on:

Sewing a custom wedding dress that I’m actually enjoying the sewing of, the attention to detail I’m allowed required to put into it, and the material after it’s sewn.  It’s a new adventure though, because I’ve not sewn anything with quite this much satin in it… so every little stitch that’s made has to be perfect because the material doesn’t ‘heal’ very well from mistakes. It has to be finished in 13 days… 🙂

Revamping ‘My Room’. In an effort to get my creative/obsessive/ compulsive stuff out of the living area (in both a quest to simplify my daily cleaning routine and per request of my darling), I’ve been slowly but surely transforming my sewing room into my ‘command central’ and trying to get it functionally organized. Which is different from just being organized because I have to be able to use it on a daily basis. 😉 It’s getting there, but it’s a lot of work!

Focusing on Maximizing My Mornings. Oh, let me once again sing the praises of getting out of bed early! I feel so much better when I’m up and about, had my quiet time, and have most of my household chores out of the way before the little monkeys start bouncing around! Plus, the ladies in my MYM Facebook group are phenomenal and never seem to forget me, and never fuss at me, when I miss a couple of days of checking in… Whoohoo for an understanding support group!

Dancing my way through 31 Days to Clean again (+the routine challenges). I’m so glad that I’ve gotten this opportunity! I’m in love with the simple, straight-forward, but oh so challenging insight and ideas that I get from this book, and it’s even better the second 31 days. Plus, Ms. Sarah Mae‘s writing style is so comfortable, it feels like she’s sitting across the table sipping coffee while we’re discussing homekeeping. (Of course, in that little imaginary scenerio I spend most of the time chattering while she sips and smiles…lol. I promise, I am NOT insane…lol!)

Setting up for Term 1 of 1st and 2nd grade. I completely planned on continuing school during the summer with only a week long break, but my dear husband wanted us to take a couple of weeks off for ‘summer vacation’. So we did. Now the kids are bored out of their skulls. And are asking  begging to start school work again. And Harmony is crazy about the idea (since I finished her 2nd Grade notebook yesterday) has been bugging me all morning (and it’s only 9:37!) to get started on her 2nd grade work. 🙂 After our late breakfast, my love! 

Have a great day!

Until Next Time!



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Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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