A Blog About a Blog, Part 2

Besides, I know the reason: I break all the rules.

And I kind of like it that way…

Anyone with access to a computer can find out what it takes to have a good, ‘successful’, blog. Go ahead… google it.

I don’t really have a niche. Much as I would love to, I can’t seem to force out the hours required to turn my jumbled (but brilliant!) ideas for the most awesome blog EVER into a cohesive unit when I’ve been up for 3 days straight with a sick child. “So write about coping with a sick child.” I can hear it now. The problem with it is… when it’s happening, I’m not particularly over-analyzing what I’m doing, I’m just doing whatever it takes to get through the next five minutes without being covered in vomit. And once it’s over, I’m not looking to review those days in my mind over and over again searching for editorial quality tidbits. I tend to just remember the smell…

Yeah… not good fodder for a blog. 

I don’t particularly care for spending 40 hours a week for the next month working on my SEO. Seriously. Have you ever tried to read some of those instructionals about SEO? Getting through War and Peace in two days is easier. (Trust me. I’ve done both. War and Peace is the easier choice.)

I am so not a fan of the type of obsessive space that must be dedicated to adspace for a blog to make money properly. ‘Nuff said. I can deal with some, but they sure aren’t particularly pretty!

I don’t have money for a domain name. At least not right now. And I’m okay with that too. It’ll come in it’s own time, but right now, I’m grateful for money to pay the bills and put food on the table… purchasing a domain name for the chance that I might make some money a while down the road doesn’t rate very high on my ‘need-to-buy’ list. Sorry.

SO, join me as I finish this colossal post and get to the point in A Blog About a Blog, Part 3!

And tell me, what blogging rules do you always break? (I know I’m not the only one!)


About beyondmartha

Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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