Hello, Lovies

I’ve been gone and neglecting my blog for quite a while, I’m sorry! I had two people fussing at me yesterday for not being online (and therefore, being hard to get in touch with) so here I am: “Hi!”

I haven’t been sitting around idle though! The past month (+/-) has been very eventful!

First, we had a fire!

Nothing incredibly seriously, but requiring a little bit of a rewiring and replacing a carpet and a little over a week in the RV while DH did the fixing- the biggest change from it is that we’ve decided to find a new house… that if he remembers, my husband will be getting the details sorted out today!

Secondly, football/cheerleading started. Woot!

Are these not the most adorable little football players and cheerleaders you’ve ever seen? I hate that the girls weren’t wearing their shoes (we hadn’t got them at this point!) but I’m positive before the season’s over you’ll get a shot of their pompom covered little feet!!

Then, I got the flu. 

Go figure. I absolutely HATE the flu, so you’d think I’d get vaccinated for it… but of course, I don’t. Every year I get vaccinated, my body takes that little bit of virus injected into my veins and turns it into a full-fledged, hospital worthy sickness, so I actually seem to fair better without the vaccination. But somehow, I ended up with it this year! At least it was fairly short lived- I was only down for about 9 days.

I was just getting over it, when my dad came to visit. 

Then, I got a new haircut. My first in over five years. I hated to do it, but I didn’t have much choice- kill my liver with pain meds for my migraines or chop it off! So off it came!! I had to have my B come with me- actually I kind of stalked her (and enlisted her hubby to help) and then she chased me through the store… then I made her pick out the hairstyle and do all the talking… and sign me in… and do all the talking… and laugh at me while I made funny faces as the hair came off… (Aren’t B’s great? You gotta find your own- you can’t have mine! LOL)

And if that wasn’t enough- last Thursday, I sprained my hip. *sigh* And I spent our ‘by-week’ (our week off of football) laying in bed or getting fussed at by my husband everyone if I tried to hobble around the house. Trust me, I was probably really funny looking, hobbling through the house and trying to roll over to sit up but it was SO painful!! I’m actually glad (even with the mess my husband’s ‘cleaning’ left) that he made me spend the three solid days in bed just resting and then the extra day off my feet… I’d probably still be completely immobile without it!

But now it’s Monday, and I can walk (mostly) again, so here I be! Are you glad to see me? I’m glad to be back! ❤


About beyondmartha

Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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