The Simple Woman’s Daybook- October 11, 2011


Outside my window…

It’s cloudy and overcast, but I love it. It’s nice and cool so the a/c is off and the windows are open, and the leaves are just starting the change colors.

I am thinking…

That it would be nice to go back to bed with a good book. 🙂

I am thankful…

That my cough is almost gone. It’s been horrible the last couple of weeks.

From the learning rooms…(if this applies)

Our morning kind of slipped away with washing the dogs and baking cupcakes, so we’re going to do our actual schoolwork after lunch.

Some highlights:

2nd grade- We’re just finishing up a study about King Arthur (who Harmony adores and just devours everything related), and are starting a study of William the Conqueror today which will last until Thursday or Friday. We finished a Latin lesson (from Prima Latina) and having a quiz this afternoon. We also only have two more chapters until we finish “Classic Tales for Children” (Which is Harmony’s current ‘read-aloud to mommy’ book.) which we’ll finish tomorrow.

1st grade- We are continuing in our study of the Romans in early Britain. Forrest finished his ‘Super Friends’ read-aloud yesterday but hasn’t picked out his next one. Regan should be able to finish her “Bad Hair Day” read-aloud today. Forrest has made huge strides in his handwriting (neatness and correctness), and his spelling.

We’re also going to do a music history lesson today.

In the kitchen…

We made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate filling, and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla filling. Yum! And the ground turkey is defrosting for Nana’s Super Awesome Amazingly Tasty Taco Casserole tonight. Double Yum!

I am wearing…

My comfiest, coziest jeans, an over-sized blue striped tank top, and my favorite Sketchers boots.

I am creating…

Sanity. Peace. Quiet.

I am going…

Absolutely nowhere. That’s what I love about Tuesdays- nothing to do except hang around the house!

I am wondering…

When I am ever going to master this new picking pattern that I’m learning. Well… let me amend that: I am wondering how on earth I’m going to learn to play it fast enough to play the song my Hunny asked me to learn to play. (Which is VERY fast, even though the song is sung slowly and is actually a relaxed song!)

I am reading…

I’ve been catching up on some of my favorite blogs today.

I am hoping…

That one day, sometime in the near future, we can get started on schoolwork before 10 or 11am. *sigh*

I am looking forward to…

My Hunny getting home…. but I do that most everyday. ❤

I am hearing…

Harmony reading her ‘chore list’ and her ‘school list’ and checking off what she’s finished, and comparing it to the ‘paid chores’ list to see what she can fit in today, and how many she needs to do to reach her goal. (She’s wanting to make $10 more this week to add to her cash from last week so she can buy herself a Doodle Bear without dipping into her savings.)

Around the house…

The dishes need washing and the laundry needs doing and the carpets need shampooing, but we’re finished with everyday chores otherwise. Which is nice.

I also found an ‘over-the-sink’ shelf that I’ve been looking for forever on sale the other day. SO pretty. And I’m going to buy the dish drain that goes with it as soon as they are back in stock (which should be Friday or Saturday!!)

I am pondering…

What to make for lunch. I’d planned on Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, but Regan is wearing a white dress so I’m not sure that’s the best idea…

One of my favorite things…

Laughing at the kids giving the poor, pitiful puppies a bath. Too funny. (Although I’m sure the dogs disagreed!)

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Schoolwork, schoolwork, schoolwork, schoolwork, football. Sounds good, right? lol

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I didn't have a picture to ponder, so I thought I'd post one of the family camera hog. 🙂


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