Organizing Our Homeschool, Part 2: My Life Saver

In Part 1, I showed you how I divide everything up into binders. Today, I’m going to show you inside my homeschool life saver- My Pink Binder.

I have 10 dividers: General Info, Official Stuff, {Still blank}, Schedules, 1st 6 Weeks, 2nd 6 Weeks, 3rd 6 Weeks, 4th 6 Weeks, 5th 6 Weeks, 6th 6 Weeks. I’ll show you about what I have hiding behind those dividers that keeps me from going insane functioning with a modicum of efficiency.

I write everything that I can on plain old notebook paper. That way, if I need to change something, I can without fighting to edit a file and print it or messing up a pretty printed page (which my OCD does NOT allow me to do!) I can also color everything, which I like. 🙂

In General Info, I have just that.

The first page is our daily schedule. I know that many people suggest combining subjects that can be combined, but that doesn’t work very well with my children… You can see that we do P.E. And we do it for a good reason! My kids are SO fidgety that they have to have some kind of organized activity to get all the wiggles out after sitting still for a while otherwise they will run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off! (Which is SO not what I want while I’m trying to breathe after schoolwork!)

They also have time to Finish Up anything that they didn’t complete during the allotted time frame. They use that time to finish writing, art, etc. Also, our once or twice a week subjects (Science, typing, etc) aren’t scheduled on our daily schedule. (We do them after lunch on days when there’s not so much to finish up.)

In this section are also these types of pages. This one is our year outline and it’s still a work in progress. I can look through these pages while I’m writing out lesson plans to see what bigger projects and holidays I need to work around.

I also have yearly, quarterly, and weekly goal lists for each of my children in this section so that I can refer often to the ‘big picture’.

Official Stuff is also pretty self explanatory. We are not using an umbrella school this year, so I’ve got the attendance forms the state of Tennessee requires, a copy of the information I sent in at the beginning of the school year, grade sheets (which aren’t required in TN), and a daily checklist for subjects covered.

I have one divider that I haven’t labeled yet. As for right this moment, it holds half completed work, prints, etc that I use often and want to store close so I don’t have to drag out Big Blue. I don’t know if this is going to be it’s permanent usage but it’s working so far.

Behind the Schedules divider, i keep a second copy of Ambleside Online’s Year 0, Year 1, and Year 2 schedules, as well as the Week by Week schedules for the text books (phonics and Latin).

Each of the 6 Weeks dividers are exactly that. I took our required 180 days, divided it in to 6 six week segments and separated it out. It basically holds my general ‘lesson plan’ for each week. I don’t do daily lesson plans, because the way I have the children’s books divided out, they just flip to the appropriate day. (And yes, it was a LOT of work planning and dividing it out, but it saves me SO much time now that it was worth it!)

(Highlighted assignments are from Ambleside, and are printed in the children’s subject binders.)

Now, one thing I’m bad about is checking everything off on these pages! This was a plan from a couple of weeks ago, but as you can see, it’s not all checked off! It was all completed, though. That’s just one of my quirks, I suppose.

Preschool isn’t included on these, obviously. That comes in from Big Blue and I only have to get it out once a week because it’s already divided into Days. (They did all the hard work for me!) 

So, that’s my pink notebook which I use every single day of my life! 🙂

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