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Black Friday


It’s Monday morning and I am glad. Its been a very long weekend, so i am looking forward to things getting back to normal for a a while. Thanksgiving went fairly well, but in the spirit of it being Cyber Monday, I thought I would share some of my favorite stories and snags fromĀ  Black Friday!

Bj and I left out at 8:30, Friday evening. After a few stops we headed straight to our Wal-Mart to catch the 10pm sale. I had a list of about 50 deals I wanted to catch throughout the night, although I didn’t think I would get them all at Wal-Mart. The store was packed. People were lined up with buggies already full, so I was discouraged when we walked in. However, before we checked out (almost exactly an hour later), I had more than half of my list checked off and had spent less than $300! I even found a Chuck dump truck (you know, the ones that follow kids around… ) !

We headed to Hendersonville (right outside of Nashville, for you guys who aren’t from TN) to Old Navy. I was expecting great things from Old Navy, but I was sorely disappointed. Not only were they already sold out of several pieces I wanted, but the management of the line and crowd were horrific! We stood in line for over an hour, waiting to check out, and didn’t even make it halfway to the front!

Finally, B sent me, and I gladly went, next door to Best Buy while she waited in line to pay at Old Navy. A lot of my list from Best Buy was already sold out. But I did manage to snag a couple good deals: I got a new release Xbox360 game for half off and a GibsonĀ  acoustic guitar, perfect for the girls who are just starting out, for $70. I also found my best deal of the night: an Acer Iconia tablet for $160!! I was hoping to get two of them, one for myself and one for Harmony, but lucked out to get the one… they were all sold out except for ‘ticketed items’, and as I got to the register, sad I didn’t get either, a guy handed me one and said that someone had just turned in their ticket and hadn’t wanted it! I dropped my Kindle a while ago, just as the warranty expired, so needed something to replace it, considaring a great deal of the kids school books were on it! I am still in search for one foe miss Harmony, but all the stores have been sold out all weekend!

We stopped by Target next, and although the prices weren’t nearly as great (as in discounted) I did manage to find a pink Leaper Explorer for $60 and basically finish out my shopping list for the entire night! We also went to JcPenny and Sears, but I had already found what I needed from there at cheaper prices elsewhere, so I didn’t buy anything.

I made it home at 6:00 in the morning, just early enough to show off my haul to the hubs as he was getting ready to leave for work. My total costs for the night came in at $731. Retail price for my haul was over $2300, so I am quite satisfied that it was worth the sleepless night!! Now, I just have to get it all wrapped!

So, did you find any great deals on Black Friday?

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