A couple of quick things I’d like everyone to know:

#1- We are a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family! That means that we learn out of living books written by real people. I don’t like textbooks and they tend to bore my kids. We do use workbooks for supplementing and those “Mooom, I want to do school!” moments that occur while I’m cooking supper. 🙂

#2- I am not a fan of junk books or ‘twaddle’ as Ms. Mason puts it. We also don’t particularly care about ‘reading level’ because we believe if a child only reads what’s on their ‘level’ they won’t challenge themselves to perfect their reading skills, or learn to work outside of their comfort zone.

#3- Although we our book lists tend to appear very heavy, we actually spend only a couple of hours a day ‘stuck in a book’. We try to keep the kids as active as possible, so they have plenty of time for play, imagination, and exploration.

(Hope this all helps you have a glimpse into our homeschool! Happy Homeschooling!!) 

This Year’s Curriculum

Time-Frames and Daily Subjects



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