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My Monday for Motivation for Modification

Have you ever come across a website and been truly inspired to rush out and create something (or everything!) you see there? Or at least to pester your darling husband until he does it for you? (Well… at least promises- the agreement is half the battle! -ha!)

That was me, yesterday.  Randomly surfing on of my faves:, which I Adore with a capital A. I was so inspired but at a total loss because everything was only ‘almost’ perfect and needed a few tweeks here and there, sized up or down, etc.

I feel head over heels for this bed for my girls, which is called either the Hailey Storage Bed System, or the Storage Bed System (I don’t know because I’ve seen it both ways!!)

But I had a few issues- The storage space was awesome, but not amazingly fantastic. (KWIM?). The bed size was wrong. The towers were too wide. It’s needs a trundle under it, and that storage put somewhere else.

yada yada yada. 

Thank goodness that Ana is cool like that. She posted an awesome tute about exactly HOW to tweek her patterns or how to create our own and seeing as the children were supposed to be napping, I decided to give it a shot. She made it look easy, surely I could figure it out.

Step #1- Download Google SketchUp.


Step #2- Follow Ana’s super easy, click by click, screen shot included instructions.

Check. Welllll… not really. 

I can’t even number the projects that I messed up.

I lost one. In a virtual field. I kid you not.

But, perseverance does pay, and eventually I got something similar, taking the basic dimensions from Ana’s wonderful work, and adapting them just a bit for our needs.

This is what I came up with-

I would like to add a shelf and maybe doors in each of the vanity bottoms and a drawer under the vanity top, but I uh….. forgot……shhh!… to add them in this picture. Also, the posts are left high for three reasons: #1-I like four poster beds, #2-I don’t intend on the girls having to share such a tiny room for the rest of the life of the bed, so I want it where we can pull it out and enjoy it apart from the shelves, #3- Harmony wants to have somewhere to drape these curtain thingy’s we saw in a magazine, and you don’t get that without the taller posts.

So there! -smile-

I actually made each piece stand separately so it can be made over the course of a few weeks, so it’s not such a large project all at once. And if the hubs takes a little too long, I might just try to do it myself! -grin-


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