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Seven Days to Thanksgiving!


The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

It’s exactly 7 days, 6 hours, and 41 minutes until our Thanksgiving party begins. (Not that I’m keeping track or anything!)

That would be just fine, except for the fact that we still have to cook, clean, school, and go on with life between now and then.

So I, in all my list making glory, have devised a plan to break things down into a daily plan that won’t take up more than about an hour (minus shopping trips and cooking times). Plus, I decided to share it on my blog so that all of you can keep me accountable and I won’t, hopefully, be rushing around like a madwoman Thanksgiving morning! I still have some seasonal cleaning and chores to do (like shampooing carpets, sealing up windows, etc) that need to be finished before the family shows up, plus shopping, cooking, cleaning, clipping coupons, and planning my Black Friday POA (plan of attack). 

Thursday {today}

Shampoo bedroom carpets.

Make centerpieces.

Put out decorations.


Organize pantry.

Clean out refrigerator and freezer.

Make final shopping list.


{Football & Cheerleading Awards Ceremony.}

Shopping Trip.

Scrub my bedroom.


{Hubby’s Yard Work}

Seal up windows and doors.

Pick and lay out holiday clothes.


Cook desserts and freeze.

Cook breads and freeze.

Make spice butter.


Cook appetizers.

Deep clean kitchen.

Put turkey in brine.


Change turkey brine.

Cook beet salad and stuffing.

Thaw frozen foods.

Deep clean high traffic areas. (living room and bathroom)

Thursday {Thanksgiving }

Cook side dishes.

Roast turkey.

Put out final decorations.

It should work! I’ll keep you posted each day of what I’ve gotten done the previous day and what I’m going to do that day. I absolutely LOVE the holiday season and I’m so excited to {hopefully} have a smooth, relatively easy Thanksgiving! *crosses fingers* Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, though…

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