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I’m in a Mood (Homeschooling Mother’s Journal)

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems like nothing really goes the way you meant it to?

Yeah- Welcome to my week.

In my life this week…

One word- Allergies. Okay, two words- Allergies=YUCK!

I’m allergic to basically every allergy medication available, and sometimes dangerously-put-me-in-the-hospital-in-under-an-hour allergic. (Ironic, right?)The one medication I am not allergic to (Benedryl) knocks me flat out. So my days have kind of looked like this: Wake up groggy, stuffy, icky, sore, and with my head pounding from the sinus pressure. TRY to deal with it and suffer through it throughout the day until my husband gets home, throw supper on the table, take a couple Benedryl and pass out on the couch before 8 pm to do it all the next day.

Yeah…. so not fun. 

And last night, my allergies were not so bad… so I didn’t take any meds. And I was awake until 3am because I couldn’t fall asleep. *sigh*

In our homeschool this week…

It’s our county’s fall break, so most of our extra curricular stuff was on break as well. We didn’t take a break though, but I figured since I was constantly sneezing and coughing and icky, that cutting down to basics this week wouldn’t permanently damage anyone. We did phonics, math, and handwriting. (I don’t have to read aloud for those subjects!) So I felt unproductive, but focusing just on those things, the kids actually made a ton of progress in them so they feel quite accomplished.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I’m working on a post about how I have/am teaching my two dyslexic children to read at grade level… so I’ll wait for that because it’s too long for this meme.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

The ONLY people we’ve seen outside of family (like Nana really is the only one lol) is the cheer squad and the football team.

They look like they're cheering SO HARD, don't they? LOL

My favorite thing this week was…

When my mom was talking to the girls’ coach and she’d completely forgotten that Regan even has CP… yeah, that was great!

What’s working/not working for us…

Me being ill is definitely NOT working for us. Just thought I’d say that once again!

Things I’m working on…

Peach Blossoms. 🙂 I will definitely post more later!!

I’m cooking…

Nothing. (Okay, I am cooking, but nothing phenomenal.) But I realized I missed the Chopped All-Stars finale. Bummer

I’m grateful for…

A little girl that it’s almost impossible to look at her and see that 3 years ago she could barely walk.

Another little girl who had resigned herself to always being a ‘bad’ (agonizingly slow) reader, who finished her first ‘real chapter’ book  (The Trumpet of the Swan) a couple of weeks ago and is working her way through another!

A little man who’s heart is as big as the world but who always seems to be smaller than his peers who continually makes the best tackles every game. (lol- and he’s REALLY proud of it too!) 

Two little boys who doctors told me would probably have a long list of mental and physical deficits because of TTTS, who are medically and really perfectly sound- never even seen the inside of a hospital except for stitches, healthy little monkeys.

And for my healthy, chunky, precocious (in a good way!), absolutely silly, heart-melting-ly sweet Jude!

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