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The New Digs

As promised: a tour of the new digs!

There she is! The house actually has a pretty interesting story about how it came to be ours:

The hubs and I have been looking around, sometimes fervently, sometimes more relaxed, for a house for almost a year. We’d simply outgrown the other place! (If you saw any of the pictures posted on this blog from inside my other house, you will know EXACTLY what I mean! Eight people in 800 square feet + homeschooling + six small children = TOO MUCH STUFF, not enough room!) The day before Christmas eve, I noticed that this house had a sign out in front of it that said “For Sale”. I’ve driven past here regularly for the past 5 years, and had always thought the place was adorable, and here it was for sale! I pointed it out to the hubs coming home from my mother’s house on Christmas. The next day, Josh drove out to see it and get the number when lo-and-behold! the man who was selling it was here! It was Rent to Own, which makes life a lot easier. Josh loved it and made arrangements to meet the gentleman the next morning.

The next morning, he handed the man the down payment and we signed the contract. We had some friends who were graciously watching our children while we signed the contract, and when we got home we discovered they had started breaking beds down so they could be moved that very afternoon!

All in all, I had to oogle for a grand total of two days, and I couldn’t be happier. The neighbors are lovely, the road is quiet, there’s an old fashioned general store less than 1/2 mile down the road that we are quickly adapting to depending on for most of our every day purchases.

Alright, I”m getting ahead of myself! I’ll show you around with ‘Before’ pictures so you can see for yourself why I love it. (The ‘afters’ are obviously still in progress!)

Also, sorry for the weird colors in some of these pictures- they were taken on my tablet at different times of the day, so they’re not the greatest photography ever! 

Ahhh… the fireplace. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Need I say more? 🙂

This is two different shots of the living room. (The red couch is now downstairs in the basement awaiting the completion of the den down there.) The living room is really long, but split by the fireplace. I actually like that though, because it keeps the sitting area more defined. 🙂 And no, no curtains on the big window yet!


Then we have the kitchen. It still feels HUGE even after we’ve gotten a little bit (and I do mean a little bit of furniture in there!)

The bathroom. The only downside to the house is the ONE bathroom for eight (well, nine now because my 18 year old nephew has moved in with us) people.


The little twins’ room. Once the hubs gets finished with all his rat-killing (read “Renovations”) to the basement, this will be the nephew’s room.

The girls’ room. This one will eventually be mine and my husband’s. It has a walk in closet, which is awesome because I’ve not ever had one I won’t have to share with someone (and you can read that as ‘store baby junk in’) so I’m looking forward to it.

There’s one more bedroom, where Forrest and Jude are sleeping in right now. It’s slowly being transformed into office/school room as their room gets constructed down stairs. I can’t seem to find the picture of it right now though!

The house has only three bedrooms, in case you were wondering. We could, and have, made due with three bedrooms in a house. However, it has a full, finished basement that my favorite handyman is throwing up some walls in to divide it out into another three bedrooms so that the children (and us!) can all ‘own space’ since they’re getting bigger. Those will be part of the “After” pictures! 🙂




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