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New Layout and Spring Cleaning

Good evening, lovies,

I’ve not had the best or most productive day. Well, I say that because I’m in one of those moods where everything seems to stink (literally and figuratively) so I’ve actually given up on it for the night.

I decided, in lue of actually  being productive, to work on my blog! What do you think of the new layout? I was getting tired of it looking like I wrote in a huge jumble of words with no discernible paragraphs or anything. I’m almost satisfied with it. I am, however, very pleased with my banner- it was my first foray into using Picnik and was SO much easier than the image software I usually use!

I even made a button for a new idea I had this evening, since I’m having so many problems with the stinkiness: Spring Cleaning!

Wanna see?

Spring Cleaning Button

Whatcha? I think it’s pretty darn cute! I don’t know how to add a link back to it yet… gotta figure it out. (Anyone can use it, if you want… just give me credit somewhere, ok?) I made another one too, but I didn’t like it nearly so much…

Anyway, back to my idea! Because I’m such a dork, I even wrote up .pdfs for my Spring Cleaning Idea. 🙂 Well… to be honest, I have “The Basics” written out and then I got distracted by Picnik:)

You can see it, if you’d like, and work your Spring Cleaning along with mine… I’m a list maniac so, I thought it’s be a good idea to share with the few people who actually read my blog… maybe it will be a help to you and you can help encourage me. 🙂

Here’s the link to download the .pdf: The Basics. It’s not the Spring Cleaning Lists, but rather the rules that I made out for myself (and anyone who’d like to join me). I’m excited about the whole idea! When I get frustrated with something, it always helps to make it into a game, add some ‘no-brainer’ checklists, and have some fun at it! 🙂

I’m going to close now, and go work on some more of my lovely little checklists to share with you all!


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