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Just Because

See, this is the reason I always have problems with maintaining a blog. I spend a good portion of my ‘down-time’ or ‘monotonous household chore fulfilling time’ with thinking up witty quips to write about and then when I sit down to write, I draw a complete blank.

It’s Pitiful.

It’s like I fancy myself to be a writer or something… I wouldn’t know what to write if anyone were to want to read it anyway. Besides, I couldn’t be a sweet writer like Austin or , who wrote of the beauty of every day life; I don’t know that my imagination’s good enough to make fiction, even historical fiction like Auel or fantasy like Tolkien. I’d be someone who wrote about the more ironic things in life and used my stories to make a point, like Shelley or Defoe or Wilde… or even Doyle for that matter! (Like how I worked the Sherlock reference in there? 🙂 Pretty slick, right? LOL). But that’s exactly what I’m NOT doing: getting to a point.

ANYHOO, I’ve spent the majority of my day being true to my word: I’ve worked on my checklist. *sigh* Only I got fed up with not being able to wash any clothes and continueing to have to see dirty clothes piled everywhere so I made a trip to the laundry mat today instead of tomorrow, where I decided that once Josh (my husband) gets back to work, I am going to start sending my laundry out to be done. It wouldn’t be that much more expensive than replacing my machines or making weekly trips to the laundry mat and I wouldn’t have to do it. Big Plus.

Did you know that the reason the big, old plantation houses (I live in the South so that’s what I have to illustrate with) and the like didn’t have laundry areas built in because it was expected that ‘decent people’ all sent their laundry out to be done? That or they hired a laundry-maid, who had her own outbuilding AWAY from the house in which to preform her duties? Thank you, public domain books for that little tidbit. 🙂

I spent two hours in the laundry mat. The best part was that I got to read 4 cases of “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”, even if I did have to continue stop to switch loads. 😀

I also made a stop by the grocer’s while I was out. I went for Dr. Pepper’s and Bottled Water. I ended up with 2 cases of Dr. Pepper’s, a case each of Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush, and Bottled Water, 2 bags of burritos, 4 candles, beef jerky, pinwheels, Starbucks coffee, lavashes, and a package of California Poppy Seeds. I needed all of the above (well besides the burritos and beef jerky). Okay, Okay, I know it wasn’t a very frugal day, and not a very good start to reporting on a new blog, but I figured honesty is the best policy, right? 🙂 I’m going to plant the Poppies in my flower bed by my front walk with my Dusty Millers and Hostas. They’re going to look beautiful in a few weeks!

Then I came home and straightened up the mess made while I was gone, and went to work hanging up all those clothes and putting away all that stuff. I’m very, very glad about my decision to convert the nursery into a family closet/pantry! I love having a one stop shop for all my prep, food, and cleaning needs! That’ll have to be a blog for another time, since this one is so rambling that I’d hate to break into an actual organized thought here, ya know? LOL

All in all, I’ve had a productive day. Josh even worked on schooling while I was out, so most of it was done by the time I got home. (Ain’t he awesome?) I’ve checked 27 things off a list of 52, so I’m more than half way there. Some of that is stuff I can’t do today because of the rain, and the rest won’t take me much time at all to finish. YEA!

Until next time,

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