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I’m going to #Replenish11!

If you know me IRL, you already know this. However, I had to share something that I’m super excited about!

Are you ready?

I’m attending the Replenish Your Soul: To Have and To Hold Online Conference this week!

I am, indeed. Three days of awesome, Godly, Titus 2 training, plus Q&A’s with the speakers! {You can’t see this, but I had to pause typing to clap my hands and say “Yipee!”} I’m actually ON the conference staff, which is a huge new experience for me… to say the least!

To make matters even better, some of my very favorite bloggers are going to be speaking- Connie from Smokity Frocks, Tiana Krantz from Ladies Against Feminism, Rachel Martin from Finding Joy, Ashley Wells from Putting God First Place, Betty Eisenhower from Peace Creek on the Praire and Amy from Raising Arrows! (Yeah… I’m a little, teeny, tiny bit ‘blogger-star-struck’! hehe). Even with that line-up, I’m leaving out several really awesome Titus 2 ladies that I can’t wait to hear, BUT you can see all of them at the Speaker’s Page!

I am also hosting two of the sessions, which I’m really nervous/excited/anxious/eager about! You know, it’s one thing to sit here and type away to ya’ll but to not have that little backspace button is very scary- especially whenever it’s live in front of a whole bunch of people! HOWEVER, I think I’ll be okay (I mean, I didn’t take all those public speaking classes during school for nothing, right?). And I know those of you who are attending will be too eager to hear the speaker to pay too much attention to the host. : -)

Sounds like fun, right? There’s still time and a few spaces open for you to get your ticket, and since it’s an online conference, you don’t have to pack, pay for hotels, or even get a babysitter! And if the kids start acting up, you can ALWAYS listen to the recordings of ALL the sessions later that are included in the ticket price. Not even to mention the swag bag that comes with the conference ticket- really, you get the ticket for free with all the merchandise you get in there! {We’re going to leave out listening to me bumbling as a host as an incentive… it’s okay if you attend for that, but *pitiful sniffle* please be kind. hehe}

So… what are you waiting for?!? Go get your ticket!! 

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