Monday, Monday

I actually had to check and make sure that today was Monday when I began this post. It’s been a L.O.N.G. day!

Today is Harmony’s second day working on SOS. She is enraptured, and I am exhausted. She’s doing really well with it, but her attention span is still short and her time management skills are basically non-existent. I know she’s eight, but she somehow manages to take a lesson that takes her 15 minutes, and another 10-15 for the q&a at the end and turn it into a 90 minute endeavor if I’m not sitting right beside her. (Go ahead- ask me how I know!)  If anyone has any ideas about how to get a kid to focus on her schoolwork without her mother hovering over top of her, I’m all ears!

In other news, I have the basics of bedrooms downstairs! YEA! My husband went downstairs, divided it all out, and after a wee bit of discussion about whether he could just take several feet off of both of the boys’ rooms (which he finally gave in  agreed to leave in) and got most of the walls put up! Finishing the walls, wiring, sheetrocking, and painting and I’ll actually get to sleep in a real bedroom instead of on the couch!

I know that my tone today is a little different from what I typically write about but I’m stealing this time to be alone. Today was really grueling! I have confidence in the program (meaning SOS), and in Harmony (meaning that she’ll be able to take advantage of the mostly self-teaching capability and design of SOS) but right now, it’s just a lot. I’m paring down Forrest and Regan’s work to the basics until I get their new curricula in, which I purposely didn’t buy until tonight. I wanted to give Harmony a couple of weeks of the majority of my time until she figures out how to work through it herself.

Until next time,


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