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Jennifer & Daniel’s Wedding

Candy and I had Josh drop us off around 8:30 to start decorating the church. We’d intended on decorating after the rehearsal but the church’s caretaker was gone and the pastor didn’t want to leave the church open overnight, so up early the next morning, we got. I’m SO glad that Candy offered to help me getting everything ready, because there is NO way it would have been able to be done without her!

me and candy

We finished in the sanctuary about 9:45. It was HUGE!


I didn’t get a good shot of the reception hall after we finished it, because we had to move straight into getting the girls ready… hopefully the actual photographer got a shot or two and  I can post it for you later. Smile

As soon as we got finished, we started working on the bridal party. Daniel and his men were using the downstairs of the church so we took over the reception hall as our ‘dress up area’.

 daniel and josh

Our appointed soundman didn’t show up until half way through the ceremony and so Candy directed the bridal party while I handled the music situation. It was a LONG 45 minutes running back and forth from doing hair and make-up in the reception hall to doing sound checks in sanctuary!






Zach and Alex

Jennifer only had one moment of ‘OH my GOD. I am about the get married!” and then she worked through it and, even though I was terrified she was going to pass out walking down the aisle, she (and her bridal party) did great and the ceremony was beautiful!

Wedding party

One part of the ceremony that was important for Jennifer to include was a Rose Ceremony for the parents. She took a moment during the ceremony to present each mother with a rose to show hers and Daniel’s appreciation of the care and love that the mothers (and grandmothers) gave to them growing up.


Then after the ceremony, the bride and groom took a few minutes to stroll together to the reception hall.

Daniel and Jennifer

Where this cake awaited them Smile



Overall, everyone had nothing but nice things to say about the wedding as a whole and at the end of the day, Jennifer and Daniel said it was perfect- which just made my heart go pitter patter. Smile

268799_10150317722013689_752253688_9306658_1861845_nAlamanda and kidschrisforrestjosh and harmonyjude and zethlittlesme and mom

Besides, the actual price Jenn spent on the wedding was less than $200! (With my sewing time, I spent over 300 hours working on it!!) So what do you think?

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