Homeschool Mother’s Journal #7

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…

I’ve spent a great deal of time waiting for one thing or another! But, in the interim, I’ve been occupying myself and the children with copious amounts of time spent out-of-doors!

In our homeschool this week…

We didn’t have anything planned, but with so much outdoors time, we ended up learning about different types of fish and their environments, hunting up new butterflies for our collections, and examining crawdads and snapping turtles up close and personally. Then, the kids watched, and asked about a million questions about constructing a home, and gravity while their dad was putting up rafter on my Mom and step-dad’s cabin that they’re building. (Not too bad for not planning anything, right?)

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We’ve spent quite a bit of time out at the creek, of course. We also had a nice, unplanned BBQ on Saturday evening. Oh, and of course, the trip into Kentucky to work on Nana and Grandpa’s cabin.

What’s working/not working for us…

I’m loving me some MYM, still!

Questions/thoughts I have…

I’m torn! Really I am! It’s that time of year where I need to be ordering new curriculum, and I’m just really up in the air. I know I already posted a curriculum list for the kids for this year, but… Here’s my problem: I love the fact of how much time the CM method spends in real live books, how it makes the children think and respond, and how much material we get to cover without the children even realizing it…


I am entranced by more classical curricula as well… the memorization, etc. I remember quite a bit that I was required to memorize while a little child (prayers, poems, etc) that CM doesn’t really require from the kids.

I’m thinking about mixing it up a little and mixing them up a little. Any ideas? Any one who’s accomplished this successfully?

I’m reading…

Much of my reading time has been taken up by B90Days (Reading the Bible through in 90 Days) but what I haven’t spent in the Bible has been spent reading Brother Wind by Sue Harrison (again!).

I’m cooking…

Ummm… no I’m not! LOL. It’s dad-gum hot enough to fry an egg out here, and I have been on strike from the stove! Sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc has been on the menu– anything I can throw together before it get hot in the am (like at 6!) and toss in the oven that night after it cools off some (like around 7 or 8) has been what we’re eating!

I’m grateful for…

This Tuesday will be two weeks my husband has been working at his new job in Mt. Juliet! (For those of you who have any clue where that is(-: ) Whoohooo! It’s a decent job with the opportunity to be much better, and today (Monday) he switched over to second shift to train as Floor Lead. Yippeee!!

I’m praying for…

One thing we noticed straight away is that with my hunny working so far away, it’s impractical (and expensive!) for us to live as far out as we do. So, no sooner had we began discussing this, that we got word from out of nowhere that #1- We’re eligible for several really low interest mortgages, and #2- A house that seems like it was custom made for our needs has been sitting empty, up for sale, for the past 6 months that’s almost exactly half way between work and here! We’ve been praying hard about it, and my DH has several appointments this week to get the ball rolling on us being able to move! 🙂


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